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"The value of sulfur supplementation has been poorly investigated,"

Karl from Patrick McGean,

I thought this may be a useful bit of information regarding why sulfur is so important.

Dear Jack Challem ( Jack has given his permission to use his article )

After years of searching the web for references to the sulfur cycle and the importance of sulfur for nutrition I found your article regarding the Sulfur Solution. The article presents a question which our Study has been trying to verify with the observational studies of our members who agree to take Organic Sulfur. Organic Sulfur is a pure unprocessed coarse crystalline flake form of MSM. Since the Study’s inception in 1999 we have observed examples of cellular regeneration which the classic researchers of MSM have only eluded.

Imagine a nutrient more important to health than magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, sodium, iodine and, for that matter, many vitamins. Assume that it has incredibly diverse roles, boosting resistance to disease, helping regulate blood sugar, preventing aches and pains, and even holding your skin and organs together.

A mineral or nutrient without which our bodies has difficulty making the sulfur based amino acids which are necessary for the regeneration of those cells which perform all of those incredibly diverse roles.

It's a nutrient so essential for life that you would die without it. But get this: it has been all but ignored by dietitians, physicians, and researchers.

Such a bold statement misses the point just as the dietitians, physicians and researchers seem to have ignored. The sulfur cycle is BROKEN. Without sulfur our cells fail to regenerate and in a manner of speaking we are dying daily without it. It is our Study's driving premise that the use of chemical fertilizers as mandated by law in 1954 has broken the sulfur cycle in the US. Or could someone have crept in late at night and run off with all of the bio available sulfur?

In 1860 Farben I.G. first produced chemical fertilizers from coal tar. Which resulted in Nelson Rockefeller and Prescott Bush contracting with Farben to develop Ammonium Nitrate and Ammonium Sulfate from crude oil in 1938. The elements are what all life forms on this planet are comprised. Then we add heat. Sulfur is one of the most temperature sensitive of all the elements. When Farben began its fertilizer production both from coal tar and from crude oil temperatures 100 degrees over the vaporization point of sulfur were necessary to produce these chemical plant foods. The chemists ignored this essential nutrient just as those who you mentioned in your article.

Sulfur exists in both mineral and organic forms, yellow dirt is crystal mineral sulfur. Free organic sulfur is produced by similar volcanic activity as mineral sulfur is but when the sulfur is released into salt water the salt allows the release of sulfur directly into the water and this is the beginning of the sulfur cycle for all living organisms. Search the “black smokers” to better understand how salt cab free sulfur into the oceans.

Flip through most nutrition textbooks, and you'll discover that sulfur is hardly ever mentioned, despite it being the third most abundant mineral (after calcium and phosphorus) in the body, accounting for 1 percent of your weight.

We have found the same lack of information about sulfur in most nutrition texts but we also questioned 623 physicians: "We get all the sulfur our bodies need in the food we eat." Their answers were like they were reading from cue cards. Most of these nutrition texts especially those for medical students were written before 1954 when the statement was true for the US.

"Yes, sulfur is essential," says Ekhard E. Ziegler, M.D., of the University of Iowa School of Medicine, Iowa City, and coeditor of the authoritative Present Knowledge in Nutrition (ILSI Press, 1996). "But no, it's not essential beyond it being in methionine and cysteine. You get enough sulfur from amino acids."

How does the food we eat get sulfur to make the amino acids if that food does not have any bio available sulfur? How is our body going to make methionine, cysteine, taurine, or glutathione which may be the most important if we are deficient in sulfur?

Mel Werbach, M.D., author of the Textbook of Nutritional Medicine (Third Line Press, 1999), sees sulfur as a blind spot in nutrition and medicine. "The value of sulfur supplementation has been poorly investigated," he observes, "even though sulfur baths and injections are old-fashioned arthritis treatments which are still popular in many countries." 

Dr.Werbach's statement is the one which has been such a puzzle for our Study, why is sulfur such a blind spot in nutrition and medicine? Have all of our Study members been misleading us regarding the benefits they report by adding Organic Sulfur to their diets? The benefits they report are not the old fashioned "treatments" but we believe are the examples of cellular regeneration thanks to the increased oxygen transport across the cell membrane because they are “eating it” not mainlining or bathing in it. The cell membrane is one of the other blind spots in science.

"Here is an essential nutrient that no one sees as being that," says Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D. "We don't learn anything about sulfur in medical school. Sulfur has been the most understudied and overlooked nutrient." Why?

The reason we are deficient is what has been overlooked, and the interactive nature of sulfur may not have been overlooked by the pharmaceutical industry, our Study members voluntarily stop their prescribed drugs often with the blessings of their physicians who have absolutely no idea what sulfur is or does. They know the drugs are not meant to heal only to treat, Sulfur is also a common ingredient in homeopathic remedies, developed in the 19th century and still popular today as over-the-counter remedies. In the 1920s, "colloidal sulfur" was used to treat arthritics. Now, researchers understand that sulfur forms part of the matrix of bone joints in the form of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate.

Chordroiton and glucosamine are sulfur based amino acids, and sulfur is the "glue" which not only forms the matrix of our bones and joints but all of the cellular interlinking which is the true cellular matrix not only of man but all living organisms, even water has a matrix. The pines from which MSM comes from stand straight and tall due to the sulfur which bonds their cells together. Before the advent of antibiotics in the 1940s, sulfur-containing drugs-sulfa drugs-were commonly used to treat infectious diseases. Sulfur has powerful antibacterial properties. Many of sulfa drugs are still prescribed by physicians, and sulfur is a component of penicillin-class antibiotics and many other medicines.

Our Study has to address this misinformation too often, there is no sulfur in sulfa drugs. Sulfa drugs have killed more patients than any other form of antibiotic and more people suffer allergic reactions so it is unfortunate that the "sulfa" name causes people to fear sulfur, organic sulfur has not killed or harmed any man nor beast in all of the research done world wide. But it cannot be patented.

Sulfur-Containing Supplements

Do you get enough sulfur from the diet you eat? Many dietitians will say that people obtain adequate sulfur as long as they eat methionine-rich meat. But other foods also provide large amounts of sulfur, including egg yolks, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussel sprouts, watercress, radish, leek, onion, and of course garlic. Unfortunately, many people dislike these foods or, as in the case of eggs, avoid them.

This is another example where we need to look outside the box, sulfur is not stored in the body human save for hair, nails and cartilage. It must be ingested daily. Regarding all of the foods mentioned above if the food is not fed sulfur these meats and vegetables are also sulfur deficient. Eggs are a different issue because chickens eat anything including their own droppings which replicates an internal sulfur cycle so eggs are a good source of sulfur and should not be avoided. Cholesterol we believe is a myth to which the medical community has gravitated since cholesterol levels can be measured and any number in medicine can be used to scare the public.

Alpha-lipoic acid.

A sulfur based amino acid which when bio available sulfur is added can be made in the body human. 4 grams per 100 lbs of body weight twice a day. In the case of liver disease 12 grams per 100 lbs twice a day has demonstrated lower viral counts and one case of complete liver regeneration after 15 months. The same has been observed with HIV which has been reported to cause decreased sulfur levels with and without anti viral drugs. We have very few HIV positive Study members but they too are experiencing decreased viral loads.

Chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate.

Both are sulfur based amino acids which like most amino acids are lost in the hydrochloric acid of the stomach but are easily made by our bodies when Organic Sulfur is processed in the same acid cauldron and has demonstrated a more effective way to address joint pain which many practitioners feel chondroitin and glucosamine are so effective. Unlike theses sulfates our Study members are also reporting less pain but increased motility and in some cases resolution of scar tissue around their joints. The same 4 grams per 100 lbs of body weight twice a day.


If garlic is not grown organically with sulfur rich fertilizers then it is merely a condiment with little or no value for the cellular matrix of the body human.

Glutathione. N-acetylcysteine. S-adenosyl-L-methionine.

These are sulfur based amino acids which must be supplemented if our bodies are deficient in sulfur, but like most amino acids they are not easily absorbed as supplements. Some clinicians and Vets have learned that injecting these amino acids is more effective. Our research demonstrates that daily ingesting of Organic Sulfur is just as effective as injections of these amino acids at the level described under above.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

Here is the crux of our Study: Most MSM as commercially available does not contain 34% sulfur. Some contain no sulfur by observation. Like the fertilizers that we believe have broken the sulfur cycle the additives of packaging we believe block or neutralize the bio availability of the sulfur contained in the MSM. Organic Sulfur is MSM precipitated from DMSO into a coarse crystal flake and not processed any further nor does it have anti caking or flow agents added. When the crystals we use in our Study are pulverized the effectiveness is reduced according to our Study members ( the Study has had to ship "powder" rather than crystal Organic Sulfur on two separate occasions. ) Many of our Study members had been taking some form of MSM prior to joining the Study, the least effective are those in pill or capsule forms. When Dr. Stanley Jacob and other researchers began their research it was with bio available MSM. The resulting marketing of MSM has resulted in a less bio available form of sulfur. The actual manufactures of MSM are few where the number of resellers are very numerous but unfortunately we believe their products are contaminated by the additives of packaging as our foods have been contaminated by processing and chemical additives. Sulfur is very interactive and can form sulfates, sulfites and sulfides with most of the other element we find on the Periodic Table.

Although each of these supplements is rich in sulfur, each also provides health benefits for other reasons as well. For example, alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant. NAC and glutathione enhance immune function. And glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfur help rebuild damaged joints.

The health of the body human is dependent upon all of the minerals which must be bio available and were until we started interrupting the natural cycles of these minerals. The Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study believes the sulfur cycle is broken and until we return to a more organic form of agribusiness we will need to get our sulfur from other sources. Organic Sulfur is the source we are presently researching and in doing so are looking for new members to join our observational study, especially those with viral conditions who treatment does not decrease the viral load without a serious negative effect on those who undergo these treatments. 

Isaiah 2:4 when paraphrased says: Turn your implements of war into plowshares! . . .

Gunpowder is one of those implements, so why not turn the sulfur used in gunpowder and explosives into natural pesticides? Mineral sulfur discourages insects while providing sulfur to the roots, and plants can utilize mineral sulfur where animals cannot. Chemical pesticide kill insects and man in more ways than Rachel Carson never imagined, DDT was only the beginning of the chemical attack on our soil and our health.


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