Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hepatitis C Harm Reduction Project

Harm reduction is what our study is all about. And this is a request to help
find Study members with HIV, Hep C, or another viral infections. "Paradigm
shift" is forgetting that Hep C and HIV are viruses, biological entities which if
they had knowledge it would be humor at the efforts of the drug companies to
kill that which is not "alive."

Viruses whether HIV or Hep C do not seek out cells with adequate intracellular
oxygen. We are studying Organic Sulfur which enables oxygen to be transported
across the cell membrane and in doing so allowing that same membrane to
become pliable and resilient so that the viral entities can not tear into these cells.
Punching your way out of a paper bag is a similar analogy.
We have been hard pressed to enlist HIV or Hep C members but those who
have joined the study have experienced reduced viral loads. Our one success
case study died from an overdose of drugs, his liver had completely regenerated
in 15 months.
What we are suggesting is simple cellular biology, no promises or hype from
the pharmaceutical industry which has no real desire to "cure" Hep C or HIV but
only to profit from the treatment. We believe, fools that we must be, that a virus
is a virus no matter what name we give them and it must behave the way that all
viruses have since we learned of their existence.
Do a little search on viruses and oxygen, do a little search on how viruses replicate.
They do so by tearing into a leathery, stiff cell membrane which is due to anaerobic
cellular metabolism not unlike cancer and they use the DNA in that cell to replicate
more viruses to continue what should have been just a standard garbage pickup of
weak and diseased cells.
The crystals of Organic Sulfur are taken by the tablespoon for Hep C twice a day
12 to 15 grams twice a day, more has not demonstrated any adverse effects. For
HIV we believe 50 grams or 4 1/2 tablespoons of sulfur are necessary being that
the HIV virus is fond of sulfur based amino acids. Organic Sulfur has an bitter
taste initially but as one of our 92 year old Study members states, "Get over it."
Yearly cost for 200 lb Hep C study member is $200.00
Yearly cost for 150 lb HIV Study member would be $850.00 for the first 18 months
and if the viral load has decreased a similar amount that Hep C members could
suffice, that is theory for HIV but we believe that would be the case based on what
we know about intracellular oxygen and the response to most viruses.
We believe that most all US citizens are sulfur deficient thanks to the use of
chemical fertilizers and the over processing of our foods. HIV has been around
since 1860 but not until we had used chemical fertilizers did it first appear in the
West Nile Region of Africa along with Ebola and West Nile Virus.
The rise in Hep C especially among Vets did so after the use of these same
chemical fertilizers was mandated in 1954.
As Director of the Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study we believe that both HIV
and HEP C viruses can be addressed with oral ingestion of Organic Sulfur. Viruses
avoid cells with intracellular oxygen and that is a fact of biology.
is our preliminary Study report to give you a better idea of what we are about. No harm
to any of the current 1400 + Study members from late teens to 90+ and all to person has
benefitted in some manner from the sulfur.
No one has ever demonstrated the ability to kill a virus not even with an atomic bomb
in 1960 so when the drug companies think that they can do so with antiviral drugs possibly
they should remember that viruses are not alive, have no DNA. If forcing these "garbage
men" into dormancy is the best we can do, then I say lets do it, and the availability of
intracellular oxygen may be the answer.
Our Study is funded by the Sulfur we supply so if someone is interested it is on their
nickel, when supplied for "free" it is not taken or considered of value, we have been
doing this study since 1999 when my son was diagnosed with cancer and given a
death sentence for 2003, he is very much alive in 2007 and we believe that sulfur is
the reason.
No harm! No reason to stop any other therapy. Sulfur is the forth most abundant
of the trace minerals and we do not get any in our foods. As our report states all
disease rates in the US are now 4000% higher than they were in 1950 and that in-
cludes HIV and Hep C. Could it be the cell membrane? Could it be the lack of
intracellular oxygen? There is no harm to find out and if we are correct those Vets
with viral counts in the 30 millions could be down to under 5 million is less than
18 months.
You can continue to by hyped by the drug companies or look at an alternative
which just may be a solution, not a cure because no one has ever killed a virus
but if ones liver is allowed to regenerate and all of the viral attacks of HIV could
to halted then life could continue without the fear. And fear is the ally of the
drug companies we ally ourselves with simple cellular biology and healthy cellular
Patrick McGean
Study Director
The Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study

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