NO fillers, flow agents, binders, anti-caking agents or preservatives — just pure Organic Sulfur.
100% American Made. The cleanest and purist source of Organic Sulfur (MSM) in the world. Cellular-Oxygenation ORGANIC SULFUR CRYSTALS are derived from 100% U.S. sourced DMSO that has gone through a stringent distillation process to convert it to a crystallized food grade MSM powder. Our sulfur crystals are the purest on the market at a guaranteed 99.9% purity level!
Organic Sulfur is found in the cells of all living organisms (plant & animal). Sulfur plays a critical role in the oxygenation and detoxification of all cells. Simply put, the “Sulfur Cycle” was broken over 70 years ago when farmers switched from using manure as a fertilizer to chemical based fertilizers and also began spraying the farmlands of the world with toxic pesticides. What few knew at the time is that these “man-made” agents would inhibit sulfur in the human body, eventually leading to a global disease epidemic. The fact is almost every person alive is “Sulfur Deficient”. What’s worse, most processed and packaged have little to no usable sulfur.

Organic Sulfur is not a drug or prescription medicine. It is a mineral food supplement that supplies the cells of the body with one of the most vital minerals necessary for oxygen uptake in the cells and cellular detoxification.

Do I hear you say “but I ALREADY HAVE some MSM!”? You might have some MSM, but unless it was produced the way our sulfur has been produced, is 100% guaranteed “Made in the USA”, and contains absolutely no binders, fillers or excipients, including silicon dioxide, the anti-caking ingredient that interferes with the uptake of sulfur to the cells, it will not protect you properly from the toxic load we’re under from chemtrails and sulfur deficiency in the foods we eat! It also won’t protect you optimally from the degenerative diseases that have been running rampant since the sulfur cycle was broken in the 1950s when farmers stopped using manure in favor of synthetic petroleum based fertilizers which increased crop yields but made the soil deficient in sulfur.

If you take the organic sulfur we sell and put some in a shot glass, pour in some hot water, and let it evaporate, you will see large crystals form. You need sulfur that will form large crystals to work optimally in your cells. If you take most commercially available MSM, and try this, due to the damage from heat in the manufacturing process it won’t form large crystals and it takes about five times as much to even approximate the results you’ll get from cheaper MSM products sold elsewhere.

This is a food supplement that every single person on the planet needs on hand to protect themselves from the chemical assault we’re under to protect their health. Order now!!!

Organic Sulfur has a long history as a healing agent in the human body. For centuries, mankind has soaked in sulfur-rich, mineral hot springs to help heal a variety of ailments. It is the presence of sulfur that is believed to assist in easing joint pain. MSM is a naturally occurring nutrient that provides the body with essential sulfur and methyl groups that are used in the healing and repair processes. It is these healing and repairing abilities that make it an optimal choice for athletes recovering from soft tissue and joint injuries. Organic Sulfur can safely be taken long term with no documented side effects!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.