Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is MSM safe for someone with Hepatitis C?

this is a one handed comment.
Regarding the liver, hepatitis C or not. The liver is the primary organ for cleaning our blood, it like the pancreas are dependent on sulfur based amino acids and the protein they
comprise to regenerate the "filtering" cells. MSM is organic sulfur not a miracle medication.
HEP C is a viral disease and lest I ever get tired saying this "no virus can replicate in cells with adequate intracellular oxygen." Therefore there are two reasons to take MSM, one to provide the sulfur to allow liver regeneration especially those cells destroyed by the Hep C virus, and two intracellular oxygen to force the virus into dormancy. Mark slowly increase your MSM intake to 6 to 8 grams every 5 hours, your initial 'side effects' was you body detoxifying. No drug of "white mans" medicine can do more for your Hep C than sulfur and oxygen. It is impossible to overdose with MSM, everyone I have attempted to overdose is just healthier. Consider why your organs were made and do what you can to help them repair themselves, you were sulfur deficient when you got Hepatitis C.


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