Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"20 Minute Hangover"

"20 Minute Hangover"

My name is Kathleen, I was very sick with a bad hangover, a fun night out ended with a crash. I heard about MSM and how it flushes alcohol and other toxins out of your system and decided to try it. I took two tablespoons and in about 20 minutes I felt fine, the hangover crashed and burned, not me.

Here's how it works:
When you drink alcohol it gets into your cells and is trapped disallowing oxygen to get in. The cells die of oxygen starvation, causing you to feel ill. MSM makes the cell walls permeable so that the alcohol can be flushed out, along with other toxins, and oxygen can get in. Your body will begin to feel better and the hangover will be gone in a very short time (approximately 20 minutes).
Referrence: http://www.riverflow.com/msm/testimonials.html#hangover


Not all Sulfur 'MSM' is the same. There are many places, people and websites that sell MSM, but only a very few who sell the beneficial 99.9% Pure Organic Sulfur Crystal.
At www.Cellular-Oxygenation.com we get it from the testing lab to assure excellent quality.
Do not be fooled into thinking you can buy a cheaper product and get the same results.
If it is not in Crystal form then you are not getting the full benefit of MSM.

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